SeeLive is a TCP based internet broadcasting solution
server : Linux / Unix
client : Windows (CE/PocketPC also supported)
Linux (Under development)
TCP based source dependent streaming (SLSP)
- Live broadcasting through capturing devices
(Recoding is also possible)
- File (AVI, MP3, etc) direct broadcasting
(SeeScheduler based broadcasting possible)
- Webcam broadcasting
- SDK can be used to support other input
Video : SMV2 (H.264), SMV1(MPEG4)
Audio : MP3, SMA2
Real-time stream routing between broadcasting servers
Software based load balancing included in the client side
Ticket based authentication system
- 30 frames live broadcasting possible with minimum delay
(no more than 5 seconds)
- Huge concurrent users supported with stream routing between broadcasting servers
- Multi source(view) support (10 different views in a single channel)
- Caption and images can be intermixed with video
- Personal broadcasting possible through dynamic channels
(Broadcasting tools are also provided) - Standalone Network Camera support for surveillance market