SeeCapture is a multimedia capturing or encoding control for SeeLive and SeeGroup. It captures video and audio from capturing devices or it can stream already created media files. The encoding process can be done in real-time or in non real-time. Auxiliary units and be inter connected with SeeCapture.
A 3rd party unit can be connect with SeeCapture to provide undefined functionalities. Custome units can be connected with SeeCapture through unit interface

Basic SeeCapture functions
- Pictures can be captured from capturing devices (PCCam, DV Camera, etc) and transmitted to a SeeLive server
- Media files (AVI, MP3, etc) can be transmitted to a SeeLive server
- Recoding and Re-encoding support
- PC screen capturing (Electronic white board, recoding and transmission)

SeeCapture supported format

- SMV2(H.264)
- MP3
- Vorbis OGG
CPU  Pentium 4 2.4Ghz or higher x86 CPU
OS  Windows 2000 / XP (Windows 98/ME not supported)
RAM  128MB or higher
Video RAM  16MB or higher