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SMV is a video compression codec developed by DideoNET. There are SMV1 which is based on MPEG-4 part-2 technology and SMV2 which is based on H.264(MPEG-4 AVC) technology. DideoNET's technology made possible the development of software encoder and decoder of SMV1 and SMV2. Currently they are being used in Windows and Windows CE which run on Intel and AMD x86 architecture. SMV1 Version 1.X is based on MPEG-4 part-2 Simple Profile and Version 2.X will be based on MPEG-4 part-2 Advanced Simple Profile.

SMV2 Version 1.X is based on H.264 baseline profile and Version 2.X will support Main Profile and High Profile. Porting is being done to support Linux and TI DSP which will open a home multimedia market. Porting work is also being done for PDA devices to provide high-quality video services based on SMV technology to mobile devices.