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Multimedia technology is one of the most important technology that will drive the Global IT market. Multimedia will no more be an area for special people who used it to obtain fame or used to show off the level of technology that they have but it will be used by any person in the world.

DideoNET will not be just a company which has high-tech technology. DideoNET will constantly develop SeeMedia series which is a market proven multimedia solution. We focus on two parts to constantly provide high-tech market proven solutions. The first part is to keep improving base technology like compression codec, transmission technology and system architecture. The second part is to change from Mass Media to Personal Media and from Personal Media to Life Media. We want to provide the technology needed for personal broadcasting that can be done easily by any person in the world. We want the multimedia to become an information that can be access easily in everyday life.

DideoNET will provide life media using Korean Network Infra and SeeMedia Multimedia technology which will constantly evolve to become the technology of our everyday life.

SeeMedia is divided into 4 categories
Solution which provides a multimedia data asked by a user instantly through the internet
- SeeVideo (VOD)
- SeeAudio (AOD)
- SeePoster (Multimedia Advertising System)
Solution which delivers multimedia data to an end user in real-time
- SeeLive (Internet broadcasting system )
- SeeGroup (Conferencing system )
SeeMedia utilities, authoring tools and SDKs
- SeeCapture (Control for Multimedia generation and transmission )
- SeeStudio (Control for broadcasting schedule generation )
Multimedia compression codec
- SMV1 (Video compression, MPEG4 Part 2)
- SMV2 (Video compression, MPEG4 Part 10 - H.264)
- SMA2 (Audio compression, MPEG4)