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'A young and adventurous company leading the next generation's digital media'

DideoNET Co., Ltd. is a venture company specializing in multimedia. It is developing software leaping into the world. Since its foundation in 2001, it has opened up the domestic high-quality streaming service market by developing and offering innovative streaming technology. With its original contributions, it has entered in the field of multimedia, which was dominated by large foreign companies. Currently, it occupies over 70% of the domestic Internet high-quality market. Over 100 companies and government and public offices adopt our 'SeeMedia Series'. DideoNET Co., Ltd. is young and adventurous with remarkable progress.

The rapid spread of ultrahigh speed Internet connection has accelerated various media digitalization, lifted the customers' media appreciation level and therefore required more stable and more high-quality streaming service. DideoNET Co., Ltd. predicted the demand in the market one step ahead and prepared for it so it could offer more business opportunities to companies and let customers experience better high-quality service by developing a variety of multimedia products starting from the launch of the 'SeeVideo' solution allowing high-quality VOD service to 'SeeLive' for live transmission solution. DideoNET co., Ltd.'s advanced technology and high stability have already been guaranteed by domestic market share. Now with the aim at overseas markets, it is implementing continuous research development and more vigorous marketing strategies.

DideoNet Co., Ltd. possessed its own Codec Technology (MPEG-4/H.264) which can be core technology in multimedia to obtain competitive technology independent from foreign companies. All staff and employees are working very hard to prepare for the new paradigms of 'Digital Convergence' and 'Personal Media' which will lead the future media market. The technology turned away from customers loses its effective value in the market. DideoNET Co., Ltd. will continue its commitment to be loved by companies and customers.

Thank you.