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The Ministry of Science & Technology gives Korea Good Technology Mark for industrializing of domestic developed technology. Our company is authorized as new technology recognition with TCP-Based Fault-Tolerant Multimedia Stream Propagation Method which is loaded in the high-quality live broadcasting solution, SeeLive in 2003. It is easy to build international big-scale service by applying our creative stream routing techniques.
After investigated by the Public Procurement Service, high-quality VOD solution 'SeeVideo' and live solution 'SeeLive' were selected as a Good Product. Upon this opportunity, our company's solution has been authorized its superiority from the government organization officially and also, public institution will be able to use our solution besides other private organizations
The leading IT specialized newspaper, Digital Times select the IT hit product twice a year, every first and second half of the year based on appraisal of the experts specialized in the sector and reporters. Customers and authorized experts have selected our VOD solution as a HIT product in 2003 and 2004 that means it is an authorized good product.
Small and Medium Business Administration has charge of INNO-BIZ. It is aimed for selecting and supporting the innovative business among small and medium Business and venture company. Our company has been selected as INNO-BIZ level A in 2002 by the innovative small and medium business promotion project. We continue our innovative business by developing creative idea and technology.