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Using SeeVideo's unique transport mechanisms, like real-time transport without packet loss and streaming acceleration, it has open a new era in high-quality streaming by streaming AVI files that were known to be impossible to stream. SeeVideo builds a unique and stable multimedia environment by using SMV1 codec and SMA2 codec for its contents and proprietary media playback engine.

It is based on Linux servers for low cost and high performance. It includes unique load balancing mechanism to scale to any number of concurrent users. It also has its own content protection mechanism so that no 3rd party security system is required and service providers can go on without worrying that their contents can be stolen in any manner.

800kbps contents were considered from the beginning and Mega bps contents can be streaming to give incomparable video quality in full-screen mode. It supports programmable scripting language for making of interactive multimedia services. It includes more functions for general users (Track function without a hitch, Alpha blending function

DRM caching
AOD (Audio service) user uses more repeating function than VOD users, therefore it has expended to 128 bit block code for real-time DRM caching. It helps to fix the security matters and reduce overlapping forwarding

Built in SMA Codec
It has built in SMA Codec, so no extra systems are required. It supports high quality of sound which encoding with VBR(Variable Bit Rate).

SeeLive makes possible for multi channel and multi source service
It uses a logical channel mechanism which is a group of multimedia data and it is possible to access multiple channels. Live broadcast is possible through capture devices or stored media. It is possible to view multiple windows in a single screen for new kind of multimedia broadcasting services

SeeLive supports programming interface for development of new interactive live services
Beside live videos broadcasting, subtitle services, dynamic view control or other controls are possible with the use of programmable controls. New kind of interactive live service is possible
- High Quality Service Based on SeeMedia Technology
- Convenient Management and Stability of Service
- Verified Business Model through Internet Service
- Lead for Voluntary Participation of Many CPs(Content Provider)
- Development of Various Additional Service
Advertisement effect to using scheduling
Real-time multiful video conference solution to using web-cam
1:1 video conference solution