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The words combine with Latus (means happiness) and Odieum (means theatre) in Latin. It means any companies that receive its service, they will become 'happy theatre'

Ladium Media Center is an "Exclusive Platform for high-quality streaming service" that consists of KT Corporation's high performance backbone networks, reliable storage server and verified SeeVideo solution etc. It can reduce company's investment and management costs and provide stable high-quality streaming service
- Provides large bandwidth services it connect to KT-IDC for 1G beam terminal per minutes
(Connect 20bps with KT Conet backbone)
- Connect with variety network junction devices facilities.
- The biggest IDC building in Korea (9,456 acreage and 7 floors)
- Safely construct to accept large network systems.
- Separate construct of Correspondence/ Power/ Grounding to prevent obstacle.
- Operating 24 hours to monitoring condition center.
- Operating an own elevator for easy to move equipment.
- Locate at entrance of Boondang approach 15 minutes to City of Seoul.
Minimization of Early Investment
- Equipment for high-quality streaming and reduce the price of expensive solutions.
- Dispersion of media server traffic to reduce server load and prevent supplement server
Improvement of Service Quality
- Satisfied client with rapid and stable streaming services.
- Market possession and enhance competitive power with best quality streaming service
Decrease of Management Cost
- It only needs charge of storage and electrical circuit prices and no extra charge for server rental and operation fees.
- Extra systems and operators are not requiring
Offering for new business model
- Offers variety high-quality streaming contents services.
- Stable streaming services for one-time event and public advertisement
- Safely construct to accept large network systems and Access floor (H=400mm)
- Dispersion of media server traffic to reduce server load and prevent supplement server.
-Provides secure rack, Cage, Back-up tape storage for variety client.
-Average intensity of illuminations are 300 ~ 500Lux
- 7x24 1st UPS (Full redundant, Backup time:60min) for no electricity failure.
- Emergency 2nd self generation electric power facility, 3rd electric power transportation.
- 2 x Rack Dedicated 30A supply of electric power.
-Using 2 x Rack (Breaker) to supervision each client's electricity.
- Real time network and server monitoring
- Operating Help desk
Using SeeVideo's unique transport mechanisms, like real-time transport without packet loss and streaming acceleration, it has open a new era in high-quality streaming by streaming AVI files that were known to be unstreamable. SeeVideo builds a unique and stable multimedia environment by using SMV1 codec and SMA2 codec for its contents and proprietary media playback engine
- Multimedia content provider in need for more bandwidth but realizes the limitations of cost and capacity.
- Company which confronts lots of technical problems regarding system and network construction, although it has various multimedia contents.
- Company which wants to construct efficient streaming service infra.
- Company which has no staffs of its own, although it needs high-quality multimedia service.
- Company which has large multimedia contents, but consists error in system construct and network organization.
Item Small-Biz Mid-Biz Premium Enterprise
VOD Server Standard offer Standard offer Standard offer Standard offer
Network usage (Dedi) 10Mbps 30Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
Network usage (Dedi) 5GB 10GB 30GB 50GB
Laduim High-Quality media center provides real-time traffic monitoring site and statistical analysis reports to each clients. Therefore it helps client to take advantage of marketing tools
- Term(day) Traffic inquire
- Time charge Traffic inquire
- Usage of server resources inquire
We collect log data from Media server to provide graphic reports, which can check on the web site
- The number of concurrent users by time and days
- The statistical data and contents user data
- The information about concurrent users and transmission usage
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